I began my career as an accompanist over 22 years ago at Lubbock Christian University. I accompanied voice studios, musicals, and master classes. A few years and states later, I still perform as a vocal accompanist and musical theater pianist as well as an instrumental, choral, cabaret, and chamber player.

As a choral accompanist, I’ve accompanied high school, college, and professional choirs. I most enjoy realizing orchestral transcriptions of great masterworks — it lets me work creatively and allows me to participate in the greatest pieces of all time.

As an instrumental accompanist, I have accompanied most instruments. I don’t think I’ve ever played with a glass harmonica, but I have played for flutes to tubas. My repertoire is unusually varied on oboe, viola, and low-brass. I am particularly strong at contemporary material, and I enjoy collaborating with musicians of all abilities.

As a vocal accompanist, I am very comfortable in the standard vocal repertoire from the Twenty-Four Italian Arias and the Fifty Selected songs by German Composers. As a jazz and pop pianist, I am uniquely able to accompany contemporary musical theater and cabaret selections and am frequently called to create my own arrangements for accompaniments.

I have been on staff at Lubbock Christian University, Texas Tech University, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Monmouth College, Knox College, and Cornell College as an accompanist. As a free-lance accompanist, I have played for professional, community, and student music theater companies.

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