Weddings, Funerals, Private Parties

Planning a special event and want to make it more special? Consider adding live piano music to the mix.

What I provide:

  • Play piano or organ for your event. 
  • Play classical, jazz, pop, or seasonal music.
  • Provide my own instrument if the venue does not have one.
  • Accompany soloists of all types.
  • Provide an amplifier for for break music/toasts. Note, you will need to provide the microphone, cable, or device/cable.
  • Assist in finding soloists or other instrumentalists.
  • Access to my large library of sheet music.

What you need to provide:

  • A power source
  • Tuning if the provided instrument is out of tune.
  • You own microphone, cables, and device if you are using my amplifier.
  • Space for me to set up.
  • A designated way to pay for services. (This is particularly important for weddings)

Set List

Most music is possible with enough lead time. As a classical musician, I can learn difficult music quickly. As a jazz musician, I can improvise music to tailor to your needs.

  • The strangest piece I’ve ever played for a wedding is Elton John’s Tiny Dancer. It’s a great piece, but for a wedding….
  • The most popular piece I play for weddings is Canon in D.
  • The most specific corporate gig that I’ve played was game show music for the Iowa Asphalt Paving Association’s Asphalt Awards.
  • The hardest gig that I’ve played was a funeral for a fallen soldier on the ten-year anniversary of September 11.
  • The most unusual location was the frozen food section of a grocery store opening. Yes. I did perform songs from Frozen and Ice, Ice, Baby.
  • My favorite gigs are ones that allow the party to be enjoyable and meet the client needs. I like to solve potential problems before the day of the performance so that I just show up, set up, and play a great gig.

Click here to find a sample wedding set list.

Check out this performance of Canon Noel combining Pachebel’s “Canon in D” with “The First Noel”